Bicentennial of James Monroe’s post in the Madison administration – April 2nd, 1811!!!

This day, two hundred years ago, President James Madison appointed James Monroe to be his new Secretary of State. James Monroe replaced the former Secretary of State, Robert Smith, who proved to be rather incompetent and did not negotiate or work well with Madison or foreign diplomats. In fact, most of the time, Madison had had to act as his own Secretary of State because of Smith’s inadequacies. James Monroe had been a long time friend of Madison’s, despite the number of times they’d campaigned against each other, including for the House of Respresentatives seat in 1788-1789, as well as the national elections for the presidency in 1809. Monroe, along with Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin, would prove to be Madison’s only strength in his Cabinet through the War of 1812. Let’s not forget that Dolley Madison, Madison’s wife, was also a right hand of strength for the President:) Applause for James Monroe!!! April 2nd, 1811!

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Most Sincerely, I am Yr. Obt. Srvt.

Sarah Everett


About presidentjamesmadison

I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and a fervent scholar and interpreter of our 4th President and Father of the US Constitution, James Madison I have been studying James Madison meticulously and abundantly for over 5 years. I've studied just about every book about him (secondary resources), and read his writings often (primary resources). I continue to study with a passion and devotion that I still am trying to understand in humility, as it grows greater daily:) I believe that my passion for Madison is a gift from God. I will use it for the rest of my life to give God all the glory and honor, and to continue to uplift James Madison's legacy at James Madison University, James Madison's Montpelier, and throughout the nation. I am flattered to have become JMU's unofficial interpreter of James Madison. I represent him at events/programs/presentations/debates quite frequently, as I resemble Madison exactly, via height, weight, lifestyle, views, personality, and facial feature.
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