Sarah Everett was born in 1989 to a Coast Guard family and has traveled the majority of her young life around the coasts of theUSA, discovering the history, life and atmosphere of her country. She’s lived inFlorida,Louisiana,Texas,Washington, andAlaska. Her faith in Jesus Christ has been at the core of her dreams and lifestyle.

Sarah has been a scholar of James Madison for over five years, beginning in her mid-high school years in 2006 and leading up to now where she can say with God’s grace that she is a knowledgeable and quite fervent James Madison enthusiast. She began formally interpreting/impersonating Madisonfor her hometown in 2009, three years into her interest in Madison, as she was told that she resembled Madisonclosely enough to realistically represent him. Her passion and study of Madisonhas been strong and entirely devoted. She has had the blessing and honor of connecting with and working with the wonderful staff and scholars at James Madison’s Montpelier; her friend Mr. Philip Bigler of the former James Madison Center at James Madison University; the honorable Ms. Mary Hackett of The Papers of James Madisonat UVA; John Douglas Hall, the honored national interpreter of James Madison; as well as her dear friend and mentor, Dr. Ralph Ketcham, the foremost Madison scholar in the nation who wrote the leading biography about James Madison in 1971.

Sarah entered JamesMadisonUniversity in fall of 2010 as a transfer student fromJuneauAlaska, beginning her junior year, and with great excitement. At JMU, she contributed and invested into the JMU community. As President James Madison, she was invited frequently and attended numerous events on campus, uplifting Mr. Madison’s legacy by bringing him to life for students and faculty. For most of these impersonations, ‘Madison’ has either given a presentation, participated in constitutional debate, given a speech, participated in a Q&A session, even simply made a guest appearance, among many other things. Some of these events/programs/organizations included: American government classrooms; The Forbes Center for the Performing Arts; Madison Historians; The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society; Constitution Day with Madison Institutes; JMU’s History Club; Kijiji; The JMU Honor Council; CMSS; University Program Board; and Madison Union ACUI Conference. Her experience, scholarship, and believability of her presence as James Madison has been said by many to be completely real and authoritative. In fact, the demand ofMadison’s presence at JMU amounted to her need for an agent for a brief time. She also made frequent appearances as James Madison for the JMU football games – a tradition well known now in the JMU community.

Every year since 2009, she continually makes appearances whether she is at JMU or Juneau as James Madison for New Year’s Day, President’s Day, his birthday (March 16th), Dolley Madison’s birthday (May 20th), Independence Day (July 4th), and Constitution Day (September 17th), among other unique and individual events.

Her interpretations outside of the JMU community (mainly inJuneau) have been notable as well. In Juneau, she represented Madison in numerous elementary, middle, and high schools; at the University of Alaska Southeast (her former college educational institution) for various events of their own, mainly history and government classrooms and programs; and at Juneau’s Centennial Hall and Nugget Mall Conference Center for 2009’s Constitution Day (where she worked with another interpreter, John Venables a.k.a. William Henry Seward, and spoke to Alaska congressmen). She also appeared asMadisonforJuneau’s 50th statehood anniversary Fourth of July Parade Celebration.

On March 4th, 2009, she published an article in the Juneau Empire about Madison’s bicentennial inauguration as our fourth president. She has been published by The Breeze at JMU for numerous articles she wrote about James Madison, and articles have been written about her and her interpretations both at JMU as well as in Juneau Alaska. The most recent and notable of these publications was one article written in The Chronicle of Higher Education on March 11th, 2012. At James Madison’s Montpelier, she published a scholarly text inside of the newly released second edition of the Montpelier Hospitality Cookbook. She additionally had the honor to interpret Madison at a teachers conference for the Center for the Constitution during the summer of 2009 at Montpelier, then was re-invited to interpret/impersonate Madison for the Center for the Constitution in Washington D.C for their Dec. 2nd 2012 NCSS conference, where hundreds of teachers across the world met ‘Mr. Madison’. In August 2009, she took part in an Archaeology Expedition atMontpelier. What James Madison’sMontpelier is doing to uplift and preserve the spirit and legacy of James Madison is amazing, astounding, and beautiful to watch unfold. ToMontpelier, Dr. Ketcham, John Douglas Hall, JMU, andJuneau, Sarah holds the highest esteem and gratitude for all the opportunities, privileges, friendships and guidance she has learned and still is learning. As she approaches graduation from JMU with a degree in Theatre at the end of 2012, Sarah will embark out into the world to further her artistic and scholarly pursuit of James Madison’s legacy, as well as her interest in the theatre and music.

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